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Socialite Fashion & Tourism Membership Plan

Life is a Journey, Live as a Socialite! Life isn't just about working, it's also about enjoying; Traveling, Tourism, Art, Fashion, Shopping, Enjoying various Cuisines, and Living positive memories.  Membership Plan valid for 1 Destination Trip.


Join our Crew; Sonassa Le Tresor, Person Assistant, Photographers and Videographer on their next Touristic Destinations.  You can purchase your membership plan and management will book your flight, hotel accomodation, chauffeur service and restaurant voucher.  The trip will be filmed, and photography will be released on each touristic location.  Member will aslo receive a  free ticket to one of our upcoming event.  Another advantage is that our guides are bilangual.  You can purchase your memberhip plan directly for immediate travel plan itenerary of 8 days braket or raise funds ( and use your social media for your trip, and once you reach your goals notify Us.  Trip does not include shopping, you'll have to set aside your own shopping fund.  You are responsible for your own baggages and no one will be carying another socialite's belongings.  This is a serious fun traveling experience, no perverted behaviors, prostitution or illegal business of any nature will be allowed in these trips.  

Tourists are responsible for their own Passport and Visas.


Destination Zur: France: Paris, Lyon.  Switzerland: Zurich, Geneva.  Belgium: Bruxelles 

Trip Length: 8 Days; 3 days in France, 2 days in Switzerland, 3 days in Bruxells







Destination Azur: France: Paris, Monaco.  United Kingdom: London.  Italy: Venice, Roma.





Destination Paradise Island: 4 days Bahamas


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