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- Sonassa is Now a Raw Artist -

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Sonassa Le Tresor 


Sonassa's is the entity of a Philanthropist and private label of a brilliant young professional named Sonassa, who is a MBA professional with following Core Competencies:

  • Fashion Designer

  • Perfumer

  • Brand & Private Label Developer

  • Supply Chain Consultant

  • e-Commerce Pro

  • Web Designer

  • Finance Executive

  • Marketing 

Short Bio

Sonassa Kaba uses fashion for a cause through her  initiative to foster career and skill development with 15% of her merchandise sales donated through her organization; Sonassa Youth Skill Development Leadership Program Funds (SYSKDL Program Funds).  The program offers free handbag designing training to women and the youth who fall below the poverty line in Côte d'Ivoire and Nigeria.  These youths are able to gain financial freedom, emergence from high risk activities and become fashion designers themselves.  Proceeds of fashion shows have been used for the cause as well.  Sonassa is an Interior/Fashion Designer and Talk Show Host.  Her collection includes; Estate and Luxury Furniture, Flamboyant Outerwear, 24K Gold Jewelry, 24K Gold Plated Jewelry, Perfume and Bridal Gowns.  The Estate and Luxury Furniture collection includes furniture from France, Italy, Egypt, Morocco, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other exotic places.                 

The categories include; French provincial, Baroque, and Victorian style Furniture. Her bilingual French/English exposure enabled her to conquer various international markets. 


Her entity Sonassa’s Le Tresor also features a Record Label where she produces various artists from music and video production to performances.  The latest album release is called World Sound Vibe which features the renowned artist Coozie and you can purchase your copy on Amazon, iTunes among various other market places.  Sonassa started her branding in 2004 and opened her first boutique in 2010.  However, it's after her graduation from the University of New Haven with an MBA in 2006 that she decided to pursue a career in launching her Private Label and Entity. The American born artist spent her early years in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, West Africa and in Paris, France.  This exposure enabled her to ground herself both culturally and artistically into a unique contrast of both modern, French, English and Ethnic Traditional Flavors.  Her creativity and inspiration enticed a wide array of consumer appreciations.  Sonassa is an advocate of using fashion to beautify whatever style she creates in order to positively enhance an image.

You can now stay tuned with her latest designs on


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- Product Development Consultation -

Flowers and Tranparency


Our frangrance experts develop

your scent exclusively for

you and according to your wishes.

We are happy to consult you

on current fragrance trends.

Gift Boxes


We create your packaging according to your specifications. Finishing with gold or silver stamping is optional.

Vintage Perfume Bottles


Choose a perfume bottle from

our broad range. Select the

atomizer and cap.

The bottle will be printed according to your specifications.

Cosmetic Bottle


Choose and design optional additional promotional materials like samples of your corporate perfume. 


  • We are using only the best ingredients and raw materials available on the world market. From Essences, to bottles and packaging, we work with reliable partners and long term premium suppliers.


  • Our experienced business client representatives are looking forward to working with you. Your dedicated contact will stay with you from your first inquiry until delivery - and beyond!


  • Whether you are just starting with a line of just 50 bottles or you are developing a corporate line of 25,000 pieces or more - due to our modern production and operations systems, we are able to deliver product quickly and customized to your needs.


  • We are developing a solution according to your individual inquiry. We also offer customization of every single bottle in your line with a serial number or your client's, partner's or employee's names.

  • Customizable bottles


  • Having developed multiple custom fragrance recipes over the years, we are the world's leading expert for custom fragrances.

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