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Danat al Dunya Amor Perfume Oil

Danat al Dunya Amor Perfume Oil


Danat al Dunya Amor Perfume Oil - 30 ML (1.01 oz) 

Brand: Ajmal


Availability: In stock

Product Type: CPO - Concentrated Perfume Oil


You will love the delicate exhaltations of Ajmal Danat Al Duniya Amor in Oil. A remarkable aroma that will embalm you with the following scents: Floral, musky, fruity, woody, western. The perfume brand Ajmal has succeeded in producing a fragrance worthy of the name that is combined with fruit, musk, flower, wood. Ajmal Danat Al Duniya do you like? So, now deliver this jewel of our product catalog.


Top Notes: Spicy Floral
Heart Notes: Woody Floral Spicy
Base Notes: Musky Spicy Woody

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